At the F&H  all our overnight guests can look forward to the following list of amenities

  • Concierge services available (during lobby hours)

  • Climate controlled suites with state-of-the-art air quality systems

  • Soothing music to enhance the overnight experience

  • Essential Oil Diffuser adding in calming aromas   

  • Complimentary bath for guests staying four (4) nights or more

  • Daily suite housekeeping service

  • Cozy Kuranda beds

  • An abundance of play time in our Doggy Daycare Programs

Sometimes taking your furry friend simply isn't an option.  
That’s where the F&H can help.
Whether its one night, a weekend or more your dog will enjoy their stay with us! 

We are happy  to offer open concept boarding where all dogs are encouraged to be free. Guests in our care have the freedom to run, jump, sniff and play, or simply enjoy an afternoon snooze. 

Guests at the F&H spend each day making new friends in daily playgroups and stay engaged in developmental activities.  


Our Suites

When leaving your dog for an overnight stay, know that he or she is enjoying the sweet bliss of a relaxing night's sleep. We believe our suites are truly a cut above the rest and created with your dog's health and wellbeing in mind.  

Lavishly appointed with comfy Kuranda beds, modern style, chandelier lighting, south facing large windows, calming music and soft night time lighting, our suites are designed  to look and feel like an upscale doggy hotel.  

We know  your dog does not sleep on a concrete floor at home, so why should they settle for less when you’re away?

We are excited to offer our overnight guests with the highest of quality and comfort available in Sarnia-Lambton. With high standards for our own dogs, our suites have been created to satisfy our own requirements as dog parents.

Housekeeping services are provided to all suites, clean bowls and fresh bedding are provided each day. By design, each suite allows privacy and security for our guests during meal times and nighttime comfort.


Our spacious suites are able to accommodate multiple dogs from the same household with room to spare. Our largest suites can comfortably sleep two giant breed dogs without feeling cramped. That's right, go ahead and stretch out!

For our tiniest of guests, they can enjoy an exciting slumber party in our doggy-lounge, dedicated only to small dogs!

Our doggy lounge was created to ensure our small dogs feel safe and secure while away from home.  

Private spaces are available for our more delicate guests, such as senior dogs or dogs with disabilities. If you dog requires a more customized stay please feel free to contact us to discuss. Our experienced staff is capable to administer daily medications, and can assist dogs with specific daily requirements.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate diabetic dogs.

Sorry for this inconvenience, please consult your veterinarian for boarding options. 

Rates for Overnight Stays
$27 per night, plus HST

Second same household dog receives a 20% discount

CHECK-OUT TIME is 11AM the next morning, similar to a hotel.

On the day of scheduled departure, your dog is welcome to stay later but the hourly daycare rate of $3.00 will apply until picked up.

Please note,

this rule applies to the evening pick up on Sunday, 5-6pm. 



F&H Requirements
Our main requirement is that your dog is happy.

Here at the F&H we operate differently then other boarding facilities.  

We operate as an open concept facility where dogs are free to roam, explore, sleep or relax, play in our playgroups and participate in daily activities with other dogs.

Before your dog's stay, we will require that your dog spends a trial day with us. During the trial day, we have the opportunity to spend time getting to know your dog on a personal level. We take this opportunity to discover whether your dog is dog social, if your dog is comfortable in our environment and which play style and play group your dog is best suitable in.   

Due to the playgroups and interactive activities provided each day, it is a crucial part of our daily routine that our guests are comfortable and happy among other dogs. Every dog in our care, must be dog social.

Should your dog display unsuitable behaviors towards other dogs or our staff during the trial day, we are happy to recommend other facilities to accommodate your dog. Safety is our number one goal, and we have the right to refuse any dog we feel is unsafe to others in our care.  


Vaccination Requirements

Dogs must be current on all routine vaccines, including - 

Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo Virus, Parainfluenza, Rabies and Bordetella.

We require proof of ALL vaccines upon first arrival of all new dogs and we will not accept dogs without proof of vaccines.  

We will gladly accept Titer test results in lieu of certificate. 

NOTE: Bordetella is most commonly referred to as the “kennel cough” vaccine. Bordetella can be administered in three

different ways – intranasal, oral, or by injection.

This vaccine must be administered more then five days prior to your dogs stay. Please discuss this vaccine protocols with your Veterinarian.

Health and Medications

We require all dogs to be in good health, including good hygiene.

This means that your dog should not show signs of any creepy crawlers. Therefore, NO Fleas!  

We highly recommend that your dog(s) is using a veterinarian provided flea preventative. Should we find evidence of fleas on your dog, before, or while in our care, we will refuse your dog upon arrival, or contact your emergency reference and dismiss your dog from our facility.

For those guests who require daily medications, please be sure to label all meds and provide clear directions.

COVID Hours 

Monday to Friday 9am - 11am or 5pm-6pm 

Saturday & Sunday  9am-11am or 5pm-6pm

Due to Covid, No doggy daycare at this time. 



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