Attention Puppy Parents: 
Due to Covid-19 there will be
until posted otherwise. 
Sunday Morning Puppy Social
Every Sunday Morning from 9 am-11 am at the F&H
For puppies 4-7 months of age

Is your puppy social?

Does your puppy adaptable easily in new surroundings? 

Comfortable around new people and or other animals? 

Is your puppy frightened by noises, when new events arise, or unfamiliar things happen?

We hope your puppy is doing great with all the new adventures and experiences life has in store. Being a puppy can be overwhelming in this big loud world!

Our Puppy Social is geared to provide enrichment skills and opportunities for your puppy’s social development. Puppies require lots of exposure to ensure their development into confident and robust dogs.

Simple things like everyday loud noises, strange people, different smells, and physical touch all play a huge role in the way your puppy adapts

to new environments and unfamiliar settings.


In Puppy Social, your puppy will be exposed to a new environment, noises, smells, surfaces, obstacles, objects, people, other puppies and adult learning dogs.

Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to explain critical social skills, aid in our puppy activities and answer puppy training and nutritional questions you may have. 

Puppies must have their third DHPP booster vaccination, including Bordetella. Proof of vaccinations will be required upon puppy’s first attendance. We will not accept puppies with no records. 

Please discuss vaccination protocol with your Veterinarian.

COVID Hours 

Monday to Friday 9am - 11am or 5pm-6pm 

Saturday & Sunday  9am-11am or 5pm-6pm

Due to Covid, No doggy daycare at this time. 



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